About Regata Club

  • 24 December 2018 15:33:37
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The trademark "Regata Club" was created in July 2015 by two friends: Evgeny Alekseev and Alexander Matyash. The history of creation is quite nontrivial: in 2015, Alexander served in the ATO zone as part of a volunteer battalion and in one of the first days he rubbed his underwear and belts above his knees. Then the idea arose to create a laundry that does not rub under super-complex conditions. While still in the ATO zone, Yevgeny was the first test batch of linen that went to Alexander.

After the test drive, the guys produced the first commercial batch. From the end of 2016, the company began producing hiking socks for an active lifestyle. Since the beginning of 2017, the summer line of socks for sports shoes has come out, as well as the latest T-shirts for the Ukrainian market made from 100% cotton according to the same principles as previous products in which in the first place there is no compromise and comfort.

And this is just the beginning;)