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Steep trekking socks with orange bottom and cream top.They work best when used with a membrane. Drai..

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Чёрно-серые носки, созданы для экстремальных условий...

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Selection rules for men’s socks

Follow certain recommendations to choose high-quality men’s socks. Nowadays most fashionmongers are looking for stylish and bright socks. But first of all don’t forget about fabric composition. The best socks are made of cotton. However original and trendy men’s socks made of bamboo or synthetic fibres are very popular as well.

Don’t forget about these rules while choosing socks:

1) Affordable men's socks can be completely different: short or long, bright or in classic muted colours. Choosing a model, think of their combination with other clothes;

2) it is better to combine colour shades with sportswear;

3) if you want to buy really cool good quality men's socks to look perfect and not lose comfort - consider the texture and thickness of the fabric depending on the season;

4) remember the main rule of wearing: never, never ever wear them with open-toed shoes.

Our products are not demanding in care. Wash them regularly in the washing machine and dry in natural conditions. This will help preserve the appearance, shape and brightness of colours for a long time.

History of socks

As a garment, socks are known to mankind since antiquity. But at that time only women wore them. Such things were made of thin leather. They migrated to the men's wardrobe in the 1st century AD.

In the modern period, socks were considered as a luxury item. Long stockings were worn only by monarchs and nobility.

The 20th century in the history of textile production is characterized by fundamental changes. As a result hosiery products have become unusually in great demand among both genders.

It's profitable to buy men's socks in Ukraine in our store!

You can buy branded coloured men's socks in the Regata Club online store. Here is a large selection of products. “Footwear” from the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality, originality and the absence of intermediaries margins. Products presented in the assortment of our store are well wicking and suitable in a wide temperature range.

Buy our products that have a balanced, proven fabric composition: Cotton (80%), Polyamide (15%), Elastane (5%). Real men's socks must be bright, stylish and high-quality!